martes, 27 de septiembre de 2016


Hello guys have been a while since my last post in august,today i want to share with you this picture made by a Friend Marcelo Jacob,he is also dolls designer,he posted this picture on FB,and i found it usefull for you to see the differences in size from the dolls featured o it picture.Barbie,FR fashion royalty,Luna doll,Barbie silkstone,FR16-FR2,color infusion. The Luna doll is amazing i saw her at Madrid fashion doll show on September 9th,i want to do a post with some pictures about this event,i guess you will love to see.

This is the beautiful Adele Makeda i made a video with my feedback about her, i bought her on this convention,she was center piece at the convention 2015 i love her,i already started to do some outfiths for her,love her color skin.
See you on the next post guys,thank for your visit,your comments are always welcome,happy week dollie lovers.