martes, 27 de septiembre de 2016


Hello guys have been a while since my last post in august,today i want to share with you this picture made by a Friend Marcelo Jacob,he is also dolls designer,he posted this picture on FB,and i found it usefull for you to see the differences in size from the dolls featured o it picture.Barbie,FR fashion royalty,Luna doll,Barbie silkstone,FR16-FR2,color infusion. The Luna doll is amazing i saw her at Madrid fashion doll show on September 9th,i want to do a post with some pictures about this event,i guess you will love to see.

This is the beautiful Adele Makeda i made a video with my feedback about her, i bought her on this convention,she was center piece at the convention 2015 i love her,i already started to do some outfiths for her,love her color skin.
See you on the next post guys,thank for your visit,your comments are always welcome,happy week dollie lovers.

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  1. She truly is VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love everything about the Integrity Fashion dolls, especially their attention to detail. I certainly understand how much she makes you happy. I did not get her, but I bought a couple of her friends and they make me happy each and every time I look at them. I am encouraged to make nice clothes for them as well! I wish you much happiness with this doll.

  2. Thank you April
    I agree with you about FR dolls,they are absolutely gorgeous.The difference on patterns for her comparing with Barbie is only on her length,hips and boobs.
    Hope soon share some ideas here with you.
    have a nice weekend

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